“Why do you want to leave a great job after 26 years of practice and start all over?” 

This was a question posed to me recently by a colleague of mine. Simply stated I’m not starting over; I’m finally practicing new knowledge that was not available 20 years ago.  When I practiced physical therapy, I noticed the same people on my schedule returning with the same problems.  I know now it was partly because the traditional protocols I was following treated the symptom and not the actual dysfunction.  Witnessing my clients’ recurring problems, coupled with the out-of-control nutritional system, was very frustrating to me.  I quite frankly got fed up!!! I believe our families deserve much more from our current healthcare system!  So as my parents always said, “You want to see change in your life...well, it all starts with you!!” 

 This is how Muscle Recovery Center (MRC) was birthed!!!  MRC created a system that truly practices preventative care for everyone utilizing  Applied Functional Science (assessing dysfunction through movement) coupled with a soft tissue recovery system (purification of  soft tissues through nutrition and fascial loading techniques). The MRC system is designed to restore all connective tissues to their normal hydration and tensional length, which restores symmetry (posture) and eliminates compensatory movement patterns (limping would be an example of this). This enables the body to reset itself and recover its normal function. When the body becomes efficient and symmetrical, pain and dysfunction absolve themselves. This is why myself and others practicing Applied Functional Science techniques can not only get results in a short period of time, but can actually fix the problem or dysfunction. MRC techniques ultimately prevent surgeries, injections, and medications that have become all to common place in our society!!!

The Muscle Recovery Center grounds itself in proven facts of the healing process; it uses real food and the earth’s gravity to stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities and to promote a non-surgical, non-medicated recovery.

I look forward to helping all of you achieve a healthy and pain-free life at the Muscle Recovery Center!



Kirk L Albert



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